Hello! My name is Aina, but you probably know that already. I hate conventional presentation letters. And you are also probably tired of reading I’m a team player!, I’m a high achiever!… Therefore, I wrote my creative origin story instead:

I come from a working family, a small business everyone is involved in kind of family. That meant my parents had to work long hours, so I was raised singlehandedly by my grandmother, a stay-home wife and a woman with an immense passion for the arts. Our days were full of drawing, singing, making up stories, and whatever other crazes we came up with.

From a very young age, I was encouraged to fantasize and nourish my imagination. That is where my path as a creative began. Throughout the years I have developed strong criteria and an eye for aesthetics that I’ve been taught to use in my college years.

The truth is, I enjoy what I do. Creativity allows me to work on things that I love, like drawing, designing, writing, etc., and make a living out of it. If you are interested in the uninteresting things about me, here’s my CV

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